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Heartwarming moment: Santa kneels in front of Jesus in hospital, prays for all the sick children away from their families.

Christmas is the time when we wait for Santa to bring us our Christmas presents. That is, as long as we are not on his bad list.

In addition, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without an image of Santa Claus riding his sleigh full of goodies. Santa Claus, (sometimes known as Father Christmas), is a mythological figure famed for delivering presents to the homes of well-behaved kids on Christmas Eve.

Santas may be seen at shopping malls and businesses around the country to provide joy and hope to children. They make each encounter so spectacular and unforgettable that children depart with a big smile on their faces.

One Santa demonstrated his great heart in a sweeter and more unique way.

Image: Facebook/Mariana Whitley Tumlinson

While at work, a woman from Texas was approached by a very caring Santa. She was so touched by his acts that she photographed him.

Being in the hospital at Christmas is very difficult for a youngster. Instead of enjoying Christmas with loved ones and a large Christmas tree, the youngster must spend it in a sterile hospital.

Parents and healthcare personnel do everything they can to brighten the atmosphere. They ask a jovial Santa Claus to give these children a visit and brighten their day. Yet, these trips might be emotional for the huge man who is brimming with gifts.

Mariana Whitley Tumlinson works at Brownsville’s Valley Regional Medical Center. The hospital in which she worked hired a Santa Claus for the facility’s young patients. Santa amused the children and worked hard to make them happy.

He inquired with Mariana where the chapel was. And he expressed his desire to pray for the kids to Mariana. Touched by his plea, Mariana guided him in the direction of the chapel and left him alone. What she saw when she returned inside made her moved

Santa Claus was solemnly praying while kneeling in front of the picture of Jesus.

This picture keeps getting her caught up, she commented on the Facebook post below. Today, on his way out after seeing their patients, Santa observed their church. He requested if he may come in and pray for the children he had just seen. She said sure. She didn’t walk in with him straight immediately, but when she did, this scene touched her so much that she had to photograph it. What a wonderful reminder of why the season exists. #reasonfortheseason #myfavoritesanta

Christmas is not only a time to exchange gifts but also a time to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s the season to show compassion, modesty, and love to our neighbors. And this warm-hearted Santa was doing everything correctly.

We hope you will be nice not only during the holidays, but all year. Christmas greetings!