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Woman’s Face00k post goes viral after running out of gas after work

Recently, a Facebook update by a Texas woman, went viral.

She explains that while she was driving home from work, she ran out of gas and became stuck on a busy road as cars and trucks passed her.

The woman from Port Arthur, Texas claims that as she tried to get the car onto the road, she was hit by multiple vehicles. Then a group of soldiers and a kind stranger saw her struggling and everything turned around from her.

Mary Mingo Williams

“At work, on Savannah and 25th street, I ran out of gas, the light changed, and the car stopped. No one stopped to assist the trucks that were passing me as I got out and started pushing my car. They can see me pushing this car and encouraged me to blow my horn. A group of soldiers suddenly literally pushed my car from the gate of the Motiva terminal to the Citco station on Gulfway Drive. I have no idea where they came from.”

Do you comprehend what I’m saying?

They forced my vehicle to stand on its own. When we got there, I asked him if I could take a picture of you so that people would know that there are still young men who will stop and help a woman in need. They agreed. This man jumped out of his truck at the gas station, took $100 from his wallet, and gave it to them so they could go get a meal.

At the same time, they all responded, “No, sir, we cannot accept that we did what we were raised to do.” The same man turned around, filled my car with gas, and instructed me to keep the money in my pocket. The Lord always has a ram in the bush, no matter what obstacles you face, whether you are a man or a child of God. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

More than 10,000 people who were touched by the kindness shared her post.