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Woman Woke Up In Swell Lips After This Creature Crawled Onto Her Face While She Slept

A 21-year-old woman left with huge lips after a centipede crawled on to her face and bit her on the mouth as she slept.
Nataly Galdino, from São Vicente, Brazil, claimed that it took her two days in hospital after she woke up in “unbearable pain”.

Source: Jam Press
Source: Jam Press

Now fully recovered, Nataly shared her ‘Angelina Jolie’ lips story on her Instagram.
She said “I was sleeping and, in the middle of the night, I felt something prick my upper lip and I saw that it was stuck to my blanket and the claw in my mouth, but as it was dark all I did was pull,”
The girl with unbearable pain tried for five seconds but it wouldn’t come unstuck. Then she got out of bed, turned on the light, saw her cut mouth and the giant centipede on the deck.
Despite knowing that some pain from centipede venom isn’t usually dangerous to humans, Nataly was concerned due to the location of the bite around her mouth. The girl decided to get medical attention after the bite on 11 October because she also suffered from shortness of breath.
This was a really “nerve-racking” experience as Nataly didn’t know much about centipedes, whether the venom was poisonous or if she would die.
“My mouth immediately started to swell and I ran to the hospital, there they medicated me with medicine for pain and allergy,” she said.
Nataly returned home and spent 2 days deflating.

Source: Jam Press

After this terrible experience, it can be seen that looking out for creatures like humidity around your home is great of importance. You should pay more attention so that you will not have such terrible experience!

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