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Why women don’t have to shave their armpit hairs

There has been a debate about the importance of shaving your underarm hairs or armpits, especially among feminists.

Humans have always been grooming their bodies and shaving underarm hairs and even ᴘᴜʙɪᴄ ʜᴀɪʀs from time immemorial.

Razors were made from shells and teeth and even waxing was done in ancient Egypt. In modern times, you can shave your underarm hair with a shaving stick, cream or waxing.

Here’s why you don’t have to shave your underarm hair.

1. It’s an unrealistic societal standard directed at only women

According to some women, since men are not subjected to such painful beauty procedures, shaving underarm hair stems from societal pressures of beauty and perfection for women to conform. If men don’t have to shave, why should they?

2. Bumps, irritation and ingrown hair

Shaving your armpits doesn’t automatically bring a smooth underarm. Using blunt razors sometimes can cause bumps, irritation and even infections. Some people want to circumvent this whole process, so they don’t shave.

3. Pheromones

Having hair in places like your ᴘᴜʙɪᴄ regions and your armpits are said to release pheromones that attract a mate. It is believed that your natural scent and even hair make you more attractive to the opposite gender.

4. Cancer-causing chemicals

It hasn’t been scientifically proven that some shaving creams and deodorant cause cancer, there has been a connection between some chemicals and cancer. Although the levels of carcinogenic chemicals are minimal some people believe that it is enough to make them stop using them.

5. You don’t have to shave to have a clean armpit

While hair in your armpits might make you sweat more and hides some bacteria, all this can be settled by bathing frequently, using natural deodorant and wearing free clothing.