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This medical case went viral

When this woman was in the nineth month of pregnancy, she discovered that her unborn child was inside her. The doctors decided to perform the surgery although she was in the final 100 meters. After the surgery, the woman’s stomach was discovered to everyone’s surprise.

Jocelyn and her husband Ignacio Robertson from North America, were expecting a long-awaited boy. Given that they had only recently tied the knot, the birth of their first child brought them great joy. Jocelyn persevered and made it to the ninth month in spite of the difficulty. She desired to become a mother and meet her son, whose name they had previously chosen: Noah.

One night, while eating together, Jocelyn suddenly became very ill. She noticed she was bleeding when she went to the bathroom, but she initially thought it might be from the food she eating, She let her husband know, and he took her straight to the maternity clinic.


Soon they did an ultrasound and the results made the doctors shocked. Another doctor was called for examinations, but unfortunately the result was the same: the baby’s heart stopped beating.


Jocelyn and her husband cried when the doctors told them about the situation. The unborn child passed away before birth. After that terrible diagnosis, Jocelyn had to have a c-section because the baby wasn’t even in the right position to be born normally, so it was pointless.

But a miracle came during the procedure. The child was actually alive.

He survived in spite of a few minor heat strokes. He was not only saved because the doctors acted quickly, but his health also significantly improved after he was taken to the intensive care unit.


The parents were content to hold their infant in their arms and listen to him scream, even though they had no idea what was going on. We weren’t aware of it then. I’mI will never forget Noah’s presence, which is a miracle.