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The Way You Carry Your Bag Reveals The Truth About You

You habits make you. Those habits can be very small insignificant things like the way you carry your bag. Just pick one of the ways as your own and read the result below.

1. Behind Your Back

If you are into wearing a backpack, you are most certainly always prepared for an adventure and to lead a group. You are also very careful about all the things around you, including the people. That is why you are the alpha. You are the one that makes people willing to follow you.

2. Carry Your Bag In Your Hand

Carrying a bag in your hands is a sign that you want everything to be in your control and your professional life in order.

You always like to be updated about everything and everyone. If the situation demands, you can tell others the whole truth about themselves.

That said, you are a very reliable person, which makes more people reach you for help. People are drawn to you because you are modern, confident, independent, goal-oriented, productive, and have a strong self-image.

3. On Your Shoulder

These people adore reading. That is why they have their bag near their hand. They are the ones who will sleep, look at you, and pretend that they are listening to you.

4. Over Your Shoulder

If you are the one who carries the bag over your shoulder, there is no criminal capable of stealing from you. You like to show off with your wealth, but in the same time, you like to give everything to anyone who needs it. But be careful not to be used.

5. On your Belly

People who carry a bag on their stomachs walk very fast and their eccentricities are often beyond any limits. Are you the one? Then you have a quick mind and vivid imagination, which makes you a very interesting person to be with.

However, if your bag is gripped too tightly or pressed against the body, it indicates nervousness or insecurity.