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People Are Only Now Understanding What the WC Toilet Sign Really Means

Have you ever seen the acronym WC beside a toilet sign and wondered what it meant? Well, we have the answer.

Everywhere in the globe, bathrooms go by different names. In fact, restrooms are known by a variety of names across the world. Take the UK as an example, where there are several titles for public bathrooms. Some people call it a toilet, while others call it a restroom.

There are several WC toilet signs in the island country’s public facilities, but it appears like relatively few people genuinely know what they signify. And we may have been in the dark for all time if it weren’t for the efforts of a TikTok user (itsnathannyc) who responded to a follower who asked him what WC stood for. The social media user shared some wisdom with the other 3,500 viewers of the video.

The TikToker itsnathannyc said we really had a room for the bathroom before we got indoor plumbing. But the spout was outdoors. Before being heatedly taken inside and put into the bathtub, water had to be heated. When indoor plumbing is installed and there is already a bath in the bathroom, where do you put the toilet? A toilet may be put up most easily in a closet. The restroom’s WC sign was really an abbreviation for the water closet, the TikToker later discovered.

While the sign has been in use since the 1870s, it is not surprise that this finding generated a lot of discussion and shocked responses from the general public.

One person remarked, “I’m glad someone asked because I’ve been wondering about this for years but never googled it.” Another user commented, “Can’t believe I’ve been living with a WC sign and had no idea why it was called WC.” A third participant said, “I didn’t know WC was called a water closet until I was 23 years old. Because of this, someone else retorted, “I know what a water closet is, but don’t use it (don’t use the word- do use the WC.)”

Some users were merely astonished when discovering that there were individuals in every nation who were not familiar with the whole format of the WC toilet sign. One user said, “I’ve known this since I was 13?” The comment was mocked by others, who said, “Convinced I live in LA because of the levels of common sense in the UK, or lack thereof.” What? “, a third individual exclaimed. Who doesn’t know this?

In the restroom, did you know what the WC symbol meant? Post a comment below and tell us!