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Mother And Son Are Becoming Father And Daughter

A transgender dad and daughter from Detroit have been documenting their transgender journey together as dad and daughter.

Eric (who used to go by Erica) and Corey Maison have been chronicling their transition on Instagram and they have also shared to the press about their experiences.

When Corey, born a boy, was barely a teenager, he first opened up to his family that he identified as a girl.

He might never expect that her mother, who was supportive of his coming out from the very beginning, was also experiencing a gender identity struggle.

But in 2015, Corey received a special gift from his mom, which was something he has been waiting for three years.

Erica gave Corey his first estrogen hormone replacement therapy to fully transition into a girl.

Some 18 months later, Erica revealed that she would also be transitioning to Eric.

As it turns out, since he was small, Eric has been struggling with the fact that he felt he’s actually a boy trapped inside the body of a girl.

Eric told Tara Brown of “60 Minutes Australia” that he used to wish to have breast cancer in his younger years if only so that he could undergo a mastectomy.

The dad also said that he did not enjoy getting pregnant then.

But Corey gave him the courage to finally come to terms with his true self.

Eric said that he felt relief after revealing that he wants to transition.

At the same time, however, he said that he still has fears, especially for his children and his family because he doesn’t know what their future will be.

But Eric’s husband, Les Maison is planning to stay married to his wife even after Eric has gotten a double mastectomy.

According to Les, he married the person, not the appearance.

His wife is happy as Eric and he feels that Eric has always been the same person inside.

Meanwhile, Corey said that also had a lot of worries before he told his parents about his decision to transition.

According to him, they would no longer like him as a girl when he only really wanted them to be proud of his authentic self.

Now that there are out in the open as dad and daughter, Eric feels blessed that he and Corey can support each other through their journey.

The dad and daughter truly understands each other on a deeper level because they are going through the same thing.

“The only regret I have is not being educated sooner about what transgenderism was, so I could do it sooner,” Eric Maison said.

With her dad by her side, Corey has also been emboldened to support and fight for other people struggling with gender issues, especially on social media.

He bonded with the pop group High Dive Heart to share part of her story in the campaign called #IAmAMisfit.