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He Was Rejected, His Parents Didn’t Want To Even See Him When He Was Born Because He Looked Too Weird.

This boy’s parents left him when they learned of his condition.

Dima was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and his parents took him to a Ukrainian hospital.

The boy was then transferred to a disabled children’s orphanage in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine.

At the age of 4, Dima was unable to walk or eat on his own. At that time, because he was still a child, the staff at the orphanage were concerned that he would not mature appropriately.

However, they all wished this boy had a longer life. Dima and the staff of the orphanage considered it a miracle to be alive at the time.

During the conflict in 2014, the Dima Orphanage’s residents were forced to flee and seek safety elsewhere.

Because of the lack of food, water, and medicine, the residents of the orphanage assumed Dima was one of the battle victims. They even invited the priest into the room to pray for him before he “went.”

Dima demonstrated his ability to persevere through adversity. Dima, like the other orphans, made it through.

He finally met an American family who had embraced kids previously. Seven children have already been adopted by Ernest and Ruth Chaves of Vermont.

The couple fell in love with Dima after completing all of the paperwork.

Ernest and Ruth Chaves now become parents to Dima. Dima’s affectionate nickname was Zebadiah.

Dima quickly learned to feed himself. The boy is now able to walk with a walker thanks to Chavee’s constant love and care. He was able to learn all of these skills in less than a year, which surprised everyone.

Besides learning Ukrainian and English, Zebadiah is committed to improving his mental and motor skills.