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7 Things Men Immediately Notice In Women At First Sight

7 Things Men Immediately Notice In Women At First Sight

Here are the things men notice most about a woman at first sight.

1. A cute face

Men notice a woman’s face before they notice her body. Charming eyes certainly get all the attention, especially when a man meets a woman for the first time. And a smile can sometimes communicate a message better than words.

2. A beautiful body

A beautiful body and a good complexion in a woman. They notice instantly whether or not a woman is “obviously out of shape”. Men will look at a woman’s breasts, even if they are trying to control them, because this is a normal tendency, which can be controlled by the senses.

3. Be confident and smile.

There is nothing more attractive in a woman than her confidence. If a woman is doing well and exudes optimism, this trait cannot go unnoticed by me.

4. Eye Contact

The ability and desire to maintain eye contact is an important signal. Nothing can beat the spark that eye contact creates and when a woman maintains this contact with her man, he is all over it.

5. How she’s dressed

Men look at women’s outfits, not necessarily in a sexy way, but how they dress. The way a girl is dressed can tell you a lot about her, from personal style to brand image to wealth level.

6. Is she loud?

Men notice if a woman is “too aggressive in her speech or mannerisms for the context.” Perhaps a nicer way of saying this would be to say that they notice whether or not she has a sense of decorum or occasion?

7. Your friends

The type of people a person likes to hang out with says a lot about their personal preferences. They will pay attention to the adventures you have with your friends, whether it’s over a cup of coffee at the local cafe or a weekend at the nearest mountain resort.