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6 surefire ways to make him want you and only you

Whether you are willing to admit it or not, you want your man to desire you, emotionally and physically. We need to remember that men have a completely different mindset than we do. They don’t always pick up on subtle hints, and they certainly don’t like mind games. So you might be wondering how to make him want you. Follow the instructions below to get his attention.

This article contains some helpful tips on ways to make him want you more.

1. Don’t demand too much of his financial support

If you seem like a person who needs a lot to be happy, you may be pushing people away from you more than you think.

Nobody likes materialism. If your man looks at you and thinks your beauty is fabricated, or money is all that matters to you, he won’t want to compromise.

Many needs can be intimidating. Also, if it’s not a special night out, don’t be afraid to go for it. He’ll be glad to be seeing you for real.

2. Don’t be clingy

He shouldn’t feel that you are limiting or overwhelming him. Give him his space.

Let him be himself, and don’t complain when he wants alone time or wants to hang out with his friends.

You must be the cool girlfriend! We’re not saying you should pretend you don’t care, but maybe tone it down, especially at first.

3. Be nice to his friends and family

If the other important people in his life like you, he’ll respect you even more.

So be nice to his friends, even if they are being nasty.

This could be your way of showing affection! Try not to take things personally.

And if and when he does make you meet his parents or siblings, make sure you behave as best you can, not just to impress them, but as a general rule.

He sure as hell won’t like it if you’re cold to the people in your life. You don’t want him to have to defend them against you, do you?

4. Dress well

Wear clothes that flatter your body type – maybe buy some dresses that fit together in the right places.

He will be speechless when he sees you and he is sure to appreciate the effort his wonderful girlfriend has put in for him. Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear.

Seeing you with something new will make him notice you more, and you’ll feel really attractive too. Win-win situation.

5. Pay attention to what he likes

You want him to feel like he can be with you and still do everything he loves, and that you won’t stop him.

Whether you ask him questions about things he likes or read on his own, he’ll feel incredibly special because the effort you’re putting into him will make it clear that you really care.

So maybe play video games with him someday, or watch the tennis games he’s obsessed with. It will be fun!

6. Tap him

Men respond very well to small touches every now and then. It makes a big difference. If he’s the one who always takes the initiative sometimes. Push him with your elbow. Touch his forearm while talking.

He’ll look forward to more physical contact and won’t be able to stop thinking about you. In short, keep your interest piqued.