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5 Body Parts to Use Perfume on for a Long-Lasting Scent

5 Body Parts to Use Perfume on for a Long-Lasting Scent

Here are the 5 parts of the body to apply your perfume to for a long-lasting scent:

1. Spray perfume on pulse points

Pulse points are some of the best places to spray your perfume. These are the areas where the veins in your body are closest to the skin. Using your hand, you can easily identify the pulse points.

2. Spray perfume behind your ear

Spray the fragrance of your choice behind the earlobes – this area is a pulse point, where the body is warmer, which will serve to reinforce the fragrance. This position is ideal for people who like to give hugs.

3. The inside of the elbow

In warm weather, when your arms are exposed, this is the perfect place to make your fragrance last. Simply spray your perfume on the inside of your arm pit, but be sure not to bend your arm until the perfume has dried to avoid breaking the scent.

Maximize the power of the fragrance by making sure your skin is moisturized, because the more moisturized your skin is, the longer the fragrance will last.

4. Near your chest and neck.

The base of your throat is a very popular place to spray perfume. It’s the perfect place to make your perfume diffuse gracefully on your face all day. For ladies, you can be sure that the entire day will be full of hugs and so you should apply a little perfume to the front of your chest. This will also let you know if your perfume is strong or weak.

5. On the inside of your wrist

Apply perfume to your wrists, as they serve as a pulse point and an area of increased warmth to further amplify the scent. Simply spray either wrist directly and let the fragrance dry for an olfactory experience you can smell all day.