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4 signs a woman is losing interest and wants to leave you

If your woman shows you the following things, that’s when she wants to leave you

1. She is in a Bad Mood

Women are forced to have different moods depending on a range of circumstances. Suppose your girlfriend seems on edge and very irritable with you. Subconsciously it happens that when a woman is considering the possibility of a separation, she begins to mistreat her man in a twisted attempt to get him to be the one to end the relationship. If she is unkind and impatient with you, take this as a sign that she is on the brink of separation.

2. She is Busy All the Time

If her schedule seems to be full most of the time and she does not have time for herself, it’s not good. When a woman is in love, her man is at the top of her list of priorities. If this changes and she has a long and seemingly endless list of reasons why she can not see or talk to you, it’s because she does not want to.

3. Has Become More Independent

When a couple is happily engaged, one sees the other as their primary source of inspiration and support. In the past, your girlfriend probably discussed the most critical issues in her life with you. She also addressed you when she had to make a big decision. If she seems to be doing more and more of this kind of thing on her own, it is because you are less important to her.

4. She Does Not Stress The Mistakes

She got tired of repeating the things she disagreed with because men repeated them repeatedly. She grew tired of disappointment after disappointment; she decided not to try to change him anymore and preferred to keep silent while he continued his mistakes.

5. Stops Being “Tiring”

And I put it in quotes because many men confuse the fact that a woman cares about the man and the relationship with being tiring; she does not care. What does he do if two days passed and neither a text has been received, whether you say good morning or not to her if you do not dedicate time to the relationship, etc.?