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10 things you should do with your husband at least once in your life. You will be filled with love!!!

10 things you should do with your husband at least once in your life. You will be filled with love!!!

1. Share secrets and confide in your partner.

If you can say one to the other things that no one else would tell you, they will definitely strengthen your relationship and you will understand things that you did not understand about your partner.

2. Kiss under the rain

Kissing allows us to connect with our partner on a deep, chemical level. Have you ever wanted to recreate a romantic scene with your partner? Go out on a rainy day and wet, jump in the puddles and drink like they do in your favorite movie.

3. Do something thrilling or scary.

Consider trying something that spooks you both. Get on a parachute, jump on the bungie, climb, zip-line. It is in response to frightening or thrilling stimuli, and this chemical rush can increase sensations of connection with whoever is around us. The two of you will feel deeply bonded after you “survive” something scary together, and that’s just the effect you’re going for.

4. Bath Together

You can create a very romantic and pleasant atmosphere. They will save water and have excellent memories of those moments.

5. Burry every time

They do not need to be at a party or with other people. If you do just the two of you, it will be an unforgettable moment in your relationship. Get a board game, dance, sing and pass all phases, from laughter to falling asleep.

6. Play with your personal arrangement.

Just like women with a friend, do it with your partner. Cut her hair, pick her clothes, brush her nails, give her massages, put on face masks. It’s more fun than you can imagine.

7. Wear same, at least one day

We do not talk about losing the individuality of each one, nor is it about making a fool of ourselves. They can combine certain details that make them look similar, a color, a garment, an accessory. It will be great and fun.

8. Develop and share a hobby.

You may find new pastimes that stimulate by taking a class with your partner or by taking on a project together. No matter what it is: dance, painting, cooking, a new language … Anything you can think of is good, the only requirement is that you do it together.

9. Cook Together

This is one of the experiences that will enrich your relationship. When you combine the different ingredients will enter a fun and delicious dynamic, so no matter what you prepare. Cooking has been said!

10. Experience in privacy

While intimacy is not the most important thing within a relationship, it is a plus that every couple should maintain. Innovating during your moments of passion will help you not to fall into monotony and keep the flame of love on.